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Jus In Bello 5 photos

Find all the links to the photos taken at Jus In Bello 5 (May 23rd - 25th, 2014, in Rome/Italy)
at LJ here or view collection at flickr here.

The photos include:

Jason [2] | Mark [2] | Misha [2] | Ty & Tahmoh [10] | Osric & Sebastian [12] | Matt [4]

Opening Ceremony [19] | Matt & Jason [9] | Jared & Jensen [41] | Richard [6] | Mark & Osric [16]
Tahmoh & Rob [15] | Jensen (& Misha) [25] | Misha [5] | Matt, Ty & Sebastian [1] | Jason (concert) [3]

Jared [23] | Richard & Jason [4] | Jensen [22] | Jared & Misha (& Osric) [32]
Tahmoh [2] | Jensen & Misha (& Matt & Mark) [35]
| Closing Ceremony [3]
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Jus In Bello 4 photos

Find all the links to my photos taken at Jus In Bello 4
(May 10th - 12th, 2013, in Rome/Italy) here.

The photos include:
Rob Benedict [12] | Richard Speight Jr. & Matt Cohen [10] | Misha Collins [5]
Ty Olsson [4] | Sebastian Roché [6] | Brock Kelly [4]

Opening Ceremony [4] | Matt Cohen [9] | Ty Olsson & Rob Benedict [9]
Jensen Ackles [21] | Richard Speight Jr. [5] | Sebastian Roché & Brock Kelly [13]
Jensen Ackles & Ty Olsson [40] | Misha Collins [3]

Ty Olsson [4] | Jensen Ackles [14] | Richard Speight Jr. & Rob Benedict [12]
Misha Collins [13] | Sebastian Roché [5] | Brock Kelly & Matt Cohen [9]
Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins [32] |
Closing Ceremony [7]
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Dies Irae (Supernatural | R | Michael/Lucifer/Chuck)

Title: Dies Irae
Author: cashay
Artist: reapertownusa
Challenge: au_bigbang
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Michael/Lucifer/Chuck
Rating: R
Warning: threesome (including sex), non-graphic torture, character death (it's the villain)
Word Count: 26.880
When Chuck finds two archangels on his living room floor he hopes more than anything that they are just drunken hallucinations. But Michael and Lucifer are very real and very pissed. As a second chance from God they got freed from the Cage, but they are rendered powerless and bound to Chuck who is less than happy about his newest responsibility.

They slowly fall into a routine and Lucifer and Michael actually seem to be able to get along - as long as Chuck is in the room. But there are already powers in Heaven who are less than happy about the two archangels who were supposed to bring about the apocalypse turning domestic.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Art Masterpost: amazing art at reapertownusa's journal

I'm very sorry for some screwed up formating, LJ is acting up again, it was hard enough to get it to post at all.
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Fic: Young and Happy

Title: Young and Happy
Pairing: Chuck Shurley/Adam Milligan
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Unbeta'd
Words: 2,000
Summary: Chuck Shurley doesn't do Halloween. Adam Milligan, however, most certainly does.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys. All characters belong to respective copyrights.
Notes: My attempt at fluffy, cheesy Halloween fic turned into angst. No, really. There you have it folks, proof that my mind and my fingers most often disagree tragically.

{And now the lights were tangled.}
whittle it down, pack it up

fic: we both know what the scores don't show

Title: we both know what the scores don't show
Author: Puchuupoet
Characters: Zachariah & Chuck
Word Count: ~600
Rating: r
Heads-up: gen, character death, spoilers up to the end of S5
Disclaimer: Not mine, never happened, completely fictional.

Notes: Dared by cecilylee and beta'd by playthefool ♥♥ All mistakes are of my own exhaustion/choosing. Inspired by A.C. Newman's songs ♥

(Zachariah opens his eyes slowly, groaning at the burning pain that suddenly shoots through his head.)
Gale - golden

Fic: One Step Out of Reach (Chuck/Gabriel, PG13)

Title: One Step Out of Reach
Author: emerald_embers
Rating: PG13 for slash and some bad language.
Pairing: Gabriel/Chuck, references to Michael/Lucifer and Castiel/unnamed male(s)
Word count: 1628 words
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt "reasons, secrets or back up plans". Many thanks once again to my beloved scarletsherlock for her epic beta-ing skills.
Summary: Chuck could see the future, but he still felt he was behind everyone else.

( One Step Out of Reach )

fic: losing what was never found

Title: losing what was never found
Author: Puchuupoet
Pairing: Chuck/Castiel
Rating: nc-17
Word Count: ~2870
Warnings: light bondage/blindfolding
Summary: Castiel goes to Chuck for guidance. What he finds is a little different than what he was looking for.

Notes: Written for the spnrarepairs exchange for monjinator. Set around mid-Season 5, when Cas is still optimistic and Chuck is still Chuck.
Beta'd by thunder_nari and chaosraven ♥ Much love to playthefool for all the support and flailing ♥♥

(Castiel isn't quite sure what draws him to the broken-down house, but suddenly he's at the front door, shifting briefly from foot to foot before knocking.)